Property Management Services

Warner Realty Group provides various levels of service often customized to the Landlord’s needs. Our goal is to provide a worry free income stream where we step into your shoes for purposes of all interactions with your tenant.

Services Provided:

Property Management
$100 per month with bulk property discounts (i.e. – rates vary for multiple properties and multifamily units)

Rental Services
Commission is 8% of total term payable in equal installments over the course of the term: Why do we do this? The standard in Newport is to charge the landlord one month’s rent to secure a tenant and then the agent is done. Landlord’s have no support if the tenant is problematic, and if the tenant leaves EARLY, the agents don’t reimburse the landlord for any un-accrued unearned commission.

If your rent is $1000 per month and the lease is signed for one year, the commission is based on $1,000 x $12,000 or $12,000
Most agents take $1,000 at lease signing.
Our rate is $12,000 x 8%: $960
$960 is payable monthly in equal installments of $80

Warner Realty Group takes a different approach to the Landlord / Agent relationship. Our relationship is landlord centric and our mission is to create the desirable “mailbox money” experience for our clients.